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Feature request: [Composite.News] "URL Title" field for news items


It would be good to have "URL Title" field on news items, which would work the same way as this field does for C1 pages.
The benefits are:
  1. Some time costumer changes the heading, so it is "more correct", it would be good to change the heading and keep the url
  2. Some url symbols are getting encoded, and it causes problems. Example from real life:
    Heading: Composite C1 is #1,
    The link looks like ..../News?story=2011.10.18:Composite+C1+is+%231,

- gets encoded, but when this link is inserted in facebook, it becames

and does't work any more. The solution would be to have
Heading: Composite C1 is #1
URL Title: Heading: Composite C1 is number 1
Url: ..../News?story=2011.10.18:Composite+C1+is+number+1